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The Humble Bundle 5 is now live. You can get your hands on up to six new games for the cost of what you might pay for one game. Make any type of purchase and you’ll get 4 titles, pay more than the average and you’ll get 2 extra games. The average price right now is just around $5 and that’s a great deal for 6 games. A list of games follows the break and there’s a video demo of the games below as well.

  • the musically powered arcade shooter Beat Hazard Ultra by Cold Beam Games
  • the 2-D stealth action game Dynamite Jack by Hassey Enterprises
  • the open world intergalactic Solar 2 by Murudai
  • the physics puzzle platformer NightSky HD by Nicalis

If a buyer chooses to pay more than the average price at the time of their purchase, they will also receive:

  • the minimalist action game Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh
  • the tower defense RPG Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment

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