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When we heard that the DROID2, DROID2 Global and DROID Pro all will be receiving an update to Gingerbread, we had no idea the business end will get the update first. It looks like Gingerbread is currently making its rounds to the Droid Pro. This update not only includes a new version of Android but a new version of MotoBlur is included as well. Once this update hits your device, your Blur version will be updated to 4.6.4. You want to see how your device will perform after the update? Stick around, there’s a video demo after the break and there’s a video of the device running the official Netflix app.



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Support for droid become less now. Other popular platform will gain more as new android device being introduce with more features and more extensive application can be apply. Droid limit as smart phone will come to the end . Still 7" android  tablet will not replace small size portable phone cum android device droid. Try to bring 7"  Samsung tab on front pocket  as a phone device ? i just cannot figure it out . But i saw before someone just done it :)


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