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The guys over at the remote have recently received a leaked version of Gingerbread for the Motorola Defy. The update has Motoblur intact as well as a few bugs. I seriously doubt that this is the finalized version as reports of camera issues have been coming in since the release of this ROM. But if you’re rooted and you want to give it a whirl you can easily flash the update onto your device. Hit the jump for a quick look at everything that’s included with this update.

Originally Posted by korale
I can’t post at the dev-forum right now, so I’m writing to you.
I have a german Defy and at least as I can see, I have a green lense. And after some tasks – I can’t remember in detail – I got the cam working perfectly

1. I came from French official froyo and flashed the 2.3.3 sfb (erased cache/factory before flashing, factory reset after flashing)
2. cam was’nt working (black screen as mentioned in the forum)
3. rooted with gingerbreak
4. installed Defy 2ndInit 1.7 from market
5. home: adw launcher
6. renamed a lot of blure and other stuff (list acctually is from froyo – so maybe skiped some apps):
ArcPhotoworkshop (Photo Editor)
ArcVideoEditorLite (Video Editor)
BlurContactsSync ?
BlurHome (Home App/Launcher!!! РNur wenn Replacement eingesetzt wird l̦schen!!!)
BlurSNMessagingEngine ?
BlurUpdater ?
CarDock (Oberfläche for Fahrzeughalterung)
ClockWidget (Moto clock widget)
ContactsUnconnected (Moto Lite Addressbook)
DatamangerApp (Data manager – data consumption per app)
DatamangerService (Data manager – data consumption per app)
DLNA (DLNA media server/client)
DlnaSystemService (DLNA media server/client)
DMService (Updates Firmware?)
Dock (Oberfläche for Halterung/Dock)
esmusica (Plugin for Mediaplayer)
FileManager (internal file manager [used by some apps], on some roms accessible through link)
FOTA (Firmware over the air)
FriendFeed (Moto Social App)
GenieWidget (Moto weather, news-Widget)
GoogleFeedback ?
GooglePartnerSetup ?
GoogleQuickSearchBox (Google Suche)
GOTV_Altitude (Plugin for Mediaplayer)
hiphopofficial (Plugin for Mediaplayer)
HomeSyncWizard (Media sharing)
InPocketService (switches display off while in a pocket)
LatinIME (Multitouch keypad)
KPT (Kodak Perfect Touch)
LiveWallpapers (Active wallpapers)
LiveWallpapersPicker (Auswahl for Active wallpapers)
MagicSmokeWallpapers (Active wallpapers)
MediaSync ?
MediaUploader ?
megamaid ?
MessagesWidget (Moto Messages – Widget)
Messaging (single point of access to text messages/SMS and eMail)
MotoPhonePortal (Web server for remote phone access via WebBrowser)
Mynet (3G Mobile Hotspot)
NewsWidget (Moto News – Widget)
oma1motService (DRM addition of Moto?)
PicoTts (Speech synthesis – Text to Speach)
Protips (Tips for homescreen – Widget)
QuickContactWidget (Contact shortcuts on homescreen – widget)
Quickoffice_BasicViewer (Office, FileManager)
revolver (Plugin for Mediaplayer)
SocialMessaging (Moto social messaging – requires moto-account)
Street (Google StreetView)
StickyNoteWidget (notes on homescreen – widget)
Talk (Google Talk)
Tasks (Google Tasks/Aufgaben)
ToggleWidgets (Moto wifi, bluetooth, qps, … switcher – Widgets)
TtsService (Speech synthesis – Text to Speach)
truecountry (Plugin for Mediaplayer)
UniversalInbox (unique access to eMail inbox + text messages/SMS – integrated in Messaging)
VSuiteApp (Voice commands)
WeatherWidget (don’t need to mention)
WorkContacts (Exchange synced contacts?)
YahooContacts (Yahoo synced contacts?)
7. booted in 2ndInit – erased cache – made a backup
8. rebooted and at some stage the cam was/is working

Maybe someone can reproduce some of my steps til the cam is working.



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