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A new bug in Google Translate and Google Now has been uncovered. If you ask “What is a Giraffe” in Google Now, the results will be read to you and at the end you will hear with the phrase “he praises the iPad”. The same results can be found in Google Translate if you let the voice read back anything that end with the phrase “at an end”. We’re not sure if Google just tossed in to poke fun at the iPad but it is a weird little bug. Try it out for yourself for a quick laugh.

Business Insider

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Apparently it is an issue in the Google text to speech engine...  I actually replicated this in Translate as well, but not in the way you describe in the article.  It appears that any time a text-to-speech conversion comes across the words "end" and "with" next to each other, it spits out "he now praises the iPad" after the word "end".  If you read the chain of comments in the link above, you will see where the source of the issue came from (a quote from the Hearst CEO David Carey).  "Filled with" seems to cause the bug as well.  Google has been aware of this since October and they seem to be working on it.