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It’s not often that you see two Android OEM’s taking shots at each other. It’s especially odd to see the Google owned Motorola go after the biggest reason why Android is so popular right now. Motorola has just launched an ad that pits the Samsung Galaxy S 3 against the Motorola DROID RAZR HD. The company claims that you’ll get better speeds on their device than you would with the Galaxy S 3 which is odd in itself. There are tons of variables that can sway this outcome and it isn’t really an accurate depiction of what you can expect to get from both devices in the same place in any given area.

Motorola even goes as far as poking fun at the design and build quality of the SGS3 and says the battery on the RAZR MAXX HD lasts 30% longer which isn’t a surprise to anyone. Most people might see this as a bad thing but not me. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long. Motorola is essentially making a statement that the iPhone is irrelevant and it isn’t the biggest competitor to the RAZR. Samsung whoever, is the current king of smartphones and its finally time for Android to compete with itself until a new viable competitor emerges if that ever happens.


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