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nexus 5

Google officially announced that the next version of Android will be Android 4.4 Kit Kat. There was a promo video for the announcement but it since been pulled after an unannounced Nexus device made its way into the video. The handset seems to be a tad larger than the Nexus 4 and it has a horizontal Nexus logo similar to what you would see on the new Nexus 7. It also has a huge camera lens on the rear of the device. It’s clearly made by LG and it doesn’t look like it has a glass back. We might be in for a new Nexus smartphone announcement soon as the Nexus 4 has been flying off the shelve since the price drop and the 8GB is sold out and might not ever return. This is going to be an exciting few days, maybe this will spark Google to announce the handset quicker than the rumored October announcement timeframe.


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