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For the longest, there have been rumors that the HTC Desire was slated to receive Android 2.2 by the end of June. Well, June came and went and still no Froyo for the Desire or any other phone. Currently the Nexus One is the only phone to receive the update to 2.2 that may change soon.

This video and screenshot may have given a little validity to this rumor. If this is an official release, which it is rumored to be, it looks like it’s ready to be sent out via OTA. It’s really quick and seems stable but there is no solid evidence that this is real. Any ROM cooker could easily pull this feat off. In fact, most Android modders can make a phone show whatever version they want. For now, we’ll keep hope alive that this is real. If so, there are a lot of Sense UI devices that could really benefit from Android 2.2.

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[via xda]

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    : Official Froyo for the HTC Desire? – Video