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samsung galaxy s 4 flip cover

So you just bought the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and now you want to protect your investment. Samsung has a few accessories that are up to the task and one of them is the official Flip Cover. The Flip Cover is made from high quality materials and it provides a decent level of protection for the device that’s good enough for most owners of the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

The best feature of the Flip Cover is it doesn’t change the look of your device and it doesn’t really add any thickness or weight to the device. The Flip Cover has the same plastic back and all of the ports are exposed with the exception of the power button. You’d need to open the case to access the volume buttons which might not be that big of a deal since the volume controls can be accessed from onscreen controls. You also have to open the case up when taking pictures.

There’s no magnet or feature to sleep or wake the device included in the cover but there is a recessed cutout in the soft touch interior that conceals the screen. The speaker has its own cutout but other than that, the entire face of the device will be covered while the case is closed. Some users have experience the cover resting slightly open while the device is sitting on its rear but the cases we reviewed didn’t have that issue. If you drop your phone often you might want to look for a good screen protector or a different case because I wouldn’t be surprised if the case flipped open in mid-air exposing the face of the device to the ground.

Overall, the case performed as expected and it’s a great way to protect your device. Samsung did a great job at custom fitting these cases to the Galaxy S 4 without ruining the design of the phone. It would’ve been great to include some sort of sleep/wake feature to the Flip Cover this time around. You’d expect more for the price you pay for these cases but if looks is just as important as mid-level protection, this is the case for you. Here’s a great source to get your hands on these cases as well as other accessories for your Android devices.


The Flip Cover retails for $39.99 for both the Black and White version but you can win one of each for free. The contest is open to all readers no matter where you live, all you have to do is share this post on any social network and specify which color you would like to win and you’re entered. The more you share, the more entries you’ll gain.


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