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So you’ve seen the movies, read the comics and bought the DVD’s, now you can win the case for your Samsung Galaxy S 4. We spent some time with the MARVEL Iron Man Beam Case for Galaxy S 4 and its NFC powered LED lights on the rear. It looks great, doesn’t add bulk to the device and it doesn’t really affect battery life.

The case is made form plastic and its pretty slim and lightweight. Once the case is on your device you won’t even notice much of a difference. The face the device is fully exposed and unchanged while the case is installed. All of the ports are uncovered and it doesn’t hinder the performance or usability of the device. It does add a cool factor for Marvel and comic book fans alike. There’s LED light on the rear of the case that lights up when NFC is active. Surprisingly, I didn’t notice any difference in battery life with this case installed. The light flicker on and off from time to time and remain illuminated once you utilize NFC.

You can snap the case on and off the Galaxy S 4 with ease and the phone sits in the case pretty firm. I doubt it will fall out of the case if you drop it but there will be damage to the front of the device if it falls face first. The camera and flash are exposed and the case does lift the camera as well as the front of the device off the surface if you lay it flat so it can potentially reduce scratches to those surfaces.

Overall we’re pleased with the looks and performance of this case. Its lightweight and doesn’t get in the way when you’re using the handset. It looks cool and the NFC activated light adds flare to the handset but we would’ve liked to the sides of case cover the edges and since the front is exposed and since this case retails for nearly $40, a screen protector should be a part of the package. You could purchase this case and more from here or you can win one now. Just reshare this post on social network and you’re entered. You can live in any country and the more shares you do, the more entries you’ll gain. If you don’t win this one and you’re an Iron Man fan, this case is a must have.

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I m a girl, but i love iron man! wud love to hav one :)