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CTIA used to be a show where big things were announced in the mobile phone industry. In recent years it’s become a dull and boring event with very few if any interesting announcements. This new retail store falls right in line with the recent woes faced by CTIA. Today, Verizon and Jennifer Lopez announced Viva Movil.

Viva Movil is a new retail store that will cater to Latino customers. There’s a playground for children to play while their parents shop for new devices and the will be bi-lingual associates on the staff. That in itself isn’t a bad concept but this new store will not offer anything new to customers. You’ll essentially be purchasing Verizon products at Verizon prices in a fancy retail store.

You can also shop for products on Facebook without leaving the site and you can click here to find out more about this project. The first store will pop up in New York with more markets to follow later.

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